Would you do it again if you knew what would happen?

Many times i’ve been asked the question “would you do it again if you knew this would happen?” This refers to event which started this chronic illness thing, Jackson’s pregnancy and birth. I had a horrible pregnancy with Jackson, multiple hospital visits, constant throwing up, horrible delivery where only my stubbornness prevented a blood transfusion etc. My doctor’s theory is that all that trauma and strain on my body is what triggered the Lyme out of hiding and triggered the fibromyalgia.

So would I do it again knowing this would happen? Yes, absolutely I would. Don’t get me wrong, Jackson drives me nuts, and he tires me out like no one else can, but he has absolutely been a huge blessing. Every time I look at him I am reminded of what I went through to get him here, and I am so glad I did it. He was meant to be a part of our family, we need him and love him. Our family would be missing a huge piece if he wasn’t here.  It sucks that I’m sick and I hate being sick, but that is more than balanced out by having him in my life.

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One thought on “Would you do it again if you knew what would happen?

  1. Love it! Way to have a good perspective. I'm surprised that a traumatic pregnancy/delivery could trigger the Lyme disease. I can't even imagine how tough things have been, but you have a great attitude! Way to go!

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