A possible connection between the herpes virus and fibromyaglia

I just read about an interesting theory found here about how fibromyalgia may be connecting to cold sores and the herpes virus. I personally have never really experienced cold sores so I have my doubts, but it is defiantly a possibility.  A virus can do such weird things to your body, I have always wondered if fibro could be virus related.

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2 thoughts on “A possible connection between the herpes virus and fibromyaglia

  1. Most interesting even though the article at About.com was not very indepth. I do get cold sores and always have. There was a time when all the aches and pains started when i lived on Lysine and still could not get rid of cold sores. This time was when I was on a very low calorie diet to lose weight. The hospital had put me on it. So this post of yours has amazingly made me remember all the stress my body went through at that time which was most likely the tipping point for getting fibro and other autoimmune conditions I have. Thanks so much.

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