Invisible Illness Week-please don’t judge others

It’s National Invisible Illness week, and I will add my two cents by saying (very eloquently) that invisible illness sucks. It sucks because it is invisible and so people just don’t get it.

Now that I have stated the obvious, let me move on. There are good and bad things about an illness being an invisible. One of the good things is that when I go out, nobody knows that I have health problems so they treat me like a normal person, my illness is not on display. Because my illness isn’t on display, sometimes I can even forget there is something wrong with me, which is good, I like being distracted.

One of the bad things about an invisible illness is the judgment I get from other people. I look totally normal, so when I don’t offer my seat on the bus/subway to somebody else people think I’m a rude and a lazy bum. Also because I look fine, people assume I am fine, so it is really hard for people to understand what is going on with my body. I can explain that I am in horrible pain and am physically exhausted at all times, but since people can’t see it, it can be hard to understand.

What I hope all of us can get out of invisible illness week is that we should never judge others. We have no idea why a particular person is doing what they’re doing, we don’t know their circumstances, and we don’t know how they are feeling, so please, don’t judge.

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