My defunct immune system and CD57

I don’t mention my lyme disease too much because, well, there isn’t much to say. The treatment has felt neverending and I really haven’t improved a whole lot. However, I did get some slightly good news this week about my CD57 numbers. If you want a good explanation of what this number means, go here, but the basics are that Lyme disease suppresses your immune system and the CD57 indicates that. It’s not an exact thing, but a low CD57 is definitly a major indicator of active Lyme disease (the only other thing found to affect it is AIDS, and I definitly don’t have that). When I began Lyme treatment my number was 18, it is supposed to be in the hundreds for healthy people. Since I began treatment the number has just gotten lowe-11,13,11, 15, not good. However my most recent test came back at 35! This is way below what it should be, but it at least is some improvement, finally! It gives me hope that maybe someday I beat this thing.

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