No, it isn’t normal to be in constant pain

Something that us chronic illness peeps hear all the time is, “oh well that is normal.” We hear it from doctors, friends, and love ones, “we’re tired too, we hurt too, what you are feeling is totally normal, so stop complaining.” I have had to point out to many a doctor that yes, being in pain the day after you run five miles is normal, but being in pain and being bedridden the day after you mopped your floor, that is not normal.

I also hear all the time “oh well you have kids, no wonder you are tired,” no Mr. doctor, it isn’t the same. I go to bed tired, I wake up tired, I am tired all day long, I’m tired even if I get to sleep for 12 hours, that is not normal tired. I am more tired now that when my daughter was a infant and only slept from 4am-7am for three months straight, believe me, I am very tired!

I think I am in danger of hating the entire profession of doctors due to all my bad experiences, plus I know so many people who have had experiences similar to mine. I chose my current doctor because in my initial appointment she didn’t ask me if I was depressed, or tell me it was normal to be a mom and be tired and in pain. That’s a pretty slim reason to choose a doctor, but since she was the first I had seen to fill those criteria, that was good enough for me. It’s a little bit sad that so many of us have to settle for a doctor.

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