No more excuses

This weekend we made a flying trip up to my grandfathers house to pick up some furniture. We were lucky enough to inherit his treadmill, which apparently no one else wanted. I wasn’t sure I wanted it either, but how can you pass up a free treadmill? I’m sure part of the reason no one else wanted it is the same reason I didn’t want it, when you have a treadmill, there is no excuse for not exercising.

I live in the wonderful city of Houston (thereabouts) which has a completely unbearable climate. I can deal with the heat, but the humidity is what does me in. The thought of walking outside right now makes me nauseous, so I don’t do it, and I feel that 100% humidity at 100 degree weather is a valid excuse. Well, no more excuses for me, I can now exercise in my comfortably air conditioned home. My husband and I are going to be holding each other accountable, we’ll see how it goes.

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