The world will keep on turning

I’ve been very busy lately. I’ve been trying very hard to let my kids have a normal life despite the fact that they have a sick Mom. This “normal” life involves me running around from dawn to dusk, making cookies for school, making dinner for a friend, making homemade treats, having play dates, babysitting friends kids etc. It’s exhausting and has finally caught up with me, I’ve been go- go- going since the school year started in August, and now I’m paying for it. So super mom is going to take a rest for a few days. My daughter will probably get packaged snacks to take to kindergarten instead of home made ones, my kids won’t have any friends over for a few days, we’ll probably subsist on yogurt and apples until I get the energy to cook again, but we’ll live. One thing I have learned from all this is that the world will go on, even when I’m sick in bed. My kids are lucky they get healthy homemade meals most of the time, but if they get some junk food for a few days, they’ll be fine. I do feel bad that they have a mother with health issues, but they are lucky enough to have been born into a family with two parents that love them, a good home with enough to eat, and plenty of other friends and family who care about them, they sure are lucky kids. So when I’m laying down on the couch watching tv with my son, I remind myself that everything is OK.

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