Throwing your plans out the window-sometimes it’s worth it

One of the cool things about living in Houston is that we get to see things like this. This is the retiring Space Shuttle Endeavor on its way to California, and it flew right over our house. It was in Houston for the day yesterday (it should be resting here permanently but that is a long political story for later). I had a pretty busy day and was already overtired, but we decided to go ahead and take a quick trip to see it. We were delusional. The airport where it was “parked” at (for lack of a better word) is about 5 minutes from our house, it took us an hour to get there. Then when we finally got there we found out we had to walk 1 1/2 miles to go see it-that’s one way. Not a big deal for healthy people, but by the time we got there and found another long line to get a closer view, I had about had it, and I still had to walk back! I decided I couldn’t take standing in a long line, so we didn’t get to see it super up close. I regret not standing in the line a little, but not too much, since we still saw is relatively close and it still took us another two hours to get home after that because of traffic.

It just goes to show that all the planning in the world still won’t keep you from doing too much physically. I knew when I was hiking across fields that contained who knows what (seriously, I kept thinking about snakes) in the dark that I would pay for it the next day. And here I am the next day, barely able to hobble around. But even though my planning didn’t save me from pain, sometimes you just have to toss your plans out the window and go with the flow because who knows the next time you are going to get to see a space shuttle (literally and figuratively).

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3 thoughts on “Throwing your plans out the window-sometimes it’s worth it

  1. Oh Shelley, I have been out of the blog reading loop for a while…I just read your last 10 posts! It was so good to visit with you last week. You are amazing, I can't believe all you do while in so much pain.

  2. LOL! Great story, sorry about the pain. I keep getting in situations that are just too much for me as well and it usually takes 3 to 5 days before I'm back to my "normal" chronic pain self.

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