I haven’t always been useless

My daughter just recently started playing soccer, I had given her a choice between dance, gymnastics, and soccer and soccer was what she chose. I’m partial to soccer because I played soccer for years and I always loved it. Her first game was Saturday and after the game my husband was talking to her about how we could practice her soccer in the backyard.  She was excited to practice with her Daddy and to learn soccer, but was really surprised when I corrected her and told her that it was mommy who knew how to play soccer, not Daddy. She gave me this look, the look that said to me, “but you can’t do anything you are always too tired and too sick.” So we had a talk about how mommy hasn’t always been sick, mommy used to play sports all the time and daddy never did (his specialty is academics), so mommy was the one to ask about sports! I think she still didn’t believe me. It’s difficult to explain to a five year old what is going on with my health, and why I used to be able to do things like play soccer  but now I’m lucky if I can go on a walk.  This is when I can’t help wishing that things were like they used to be.

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