In which I pay homage to the inventor of the fence

I have been feeling like absolute crap this week, thank goodness for the 85 degree and sunny (with no humidity) weather. In Texas this is about as good as it gets, so my windows are open and the AC is off. Because of feeling like crap I want to pay homage to the person who invented fenced backyards. Normally I curse the person who invented fenced backyards as it has led to suburbia as we know it, teeny tiny lots all fenced off from each other. I spent my childhood roaming through my large yard with the woods in the back, it was awesome and I wanted the same for my kids. I nearly had a heart attack when I moved to suburbia and found out that there are no big un-fenced backyards here.  Like many people before me I sucked it up and bought a house with a teenie tiny fenced backyard, convinced my children were being deprived of their childhood by greedy developers, but giving in so we could be in a good school district.

Flash forward to this week and getting back to my homage- again I have been feeling like crap, but the weather has been awesome, so my kids have been playing outside for hours every day. Here is where the fence comes in- I swear the fence was specially designed to prevent my 2 year old from escaping. I can sit by the window and watch him and his sister while he plays and he can’t escape, which as any parent of a toddler knows is the best scenario. So thanks to my fence, I get to feel like crap inside, and my kids get to enjoy the outside. Yes, thank you Mr. fence man (or woman as the case may be), though I’m sure you designed fences to keep people off each others property and to make tiny lots, they are excellent for toddlers.

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