My angry Lyme disease post

I wrote here about how Romney has stuck out his neck in support of correct treatment for Lyme disease. While browsing the news this morning I found dismissive article after dismissive article going on and on about how stupid Romney is for supporting this “so called” illness. It just makes my blood boil. This so called illness has totally changed my life, my body will never be the same again thanks to stupid doctors who ignored me and my symptoms for two years. Ignorant doctors and idiotic and  lazy journalists are the cause of much suffering by people who get this disease. If the world was more aware of Lyme disease then I would not have suffered for two years before getting diagnosed and there would have been no permanent damage. Yes, Lyme disease is easy to treat, IF YOU CATCH IT EARLY which doesn’t happen very often. The vindictive side of me can’t wait until these horrible people or anyone they care about catches Lyme disease, and then they’ll know the hell that is getting diagnosed and treated. For some reason idiotic journalists feel the need to cling to ISDA guidelines which were set by doctors PAID BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, in what world do we trust people who are paid by the insurance companies to set our treatment guidelines?  Lyme disease treatment is this country is outdated and corrupted and unfortunately the patients suffer while the ISDA doctors laugh their way all the way to the bank.

See the articles I refer to here and here

*I also feel I should add that am in no way a Romney fan, but I do believe in giving props when props are due.

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