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Today’s Wego health post is: Use a picture or a video to inspire a post

I rarely post pictures of my kids mostly because I don’t like going through the effort of watermarking the picture. I made it through the process with my son’s picture, but didn’t get as far as putting my daughter’s up (it took me forever just to do one), though she is equally important to me.

My babies (who at 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 are no longer babies) are what keep me going and what keeps me smiling. How can everything not be OK when you see a grin like the one in this picture? He usually gives me this grin when he has done something bad. I think he knows it just makes me melt.

My kids do cause me to be in pain more than I would be otherwise, that just comes from the territory of being a Mom, and that’s OK with me (at least on a good day anyway). I will gladly accept the extra pain and exhaustion. They are what inspires me to keep fighting, to never give up, to keep enjoying life, and to enjoy every moment I have.

I think when I first became sick I resented my children a bit. I was so sick and they were so demanding in their needs, and I thought I would never be able to get better and get the rest I needed while I was taking care of them (and not being able to take care of me). Eventually I came to the realization that my kids weren’t preventing me from getting well, they were what kept me from giving up. In my darkest days it would have been so easy to succumb to depression and pain. To just hide out in my house and be miserable all by myself. But my kids wouldn’t let me do that, and thank goodness they wouldn’t. They were the extra push I needed to keep on going, to be happy in spite of the bad, to enjoy being outside, to enjoy time with friends, to enjoy sitting outside in the sun, to laugh and to smile and to just be happy. Thank goodness we have each other.

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