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The last Wego Health post: Write about why you are awesome.

Normally I’m so chalk full of sarcasm that I’d write a hilarious (to me anyway) post about the awesomeness that is me, but my sarcasm meter is a little low today. I am an extremely sarcastic person, but I learned a long time ago that most people just don’t get it, so I usually keep my sarcasm repressed in my day to day interactions. That repression usually comes out in my writing, but I must not have been suppressing it lately since today I am getting nothing! I have no brilliant (again, to me, I think I’m hilarious. I even make myself laugh sometimes, which my husband likes to point out is a sign of psychosis. He thinks he’s hilarious too)  sarcastic post rolling around in my brain, and just when I need it most. I don’t even know how to write a serious post about being awesome! I guess that means that I need to be more serious? My husband and I have often pointed out to each other that if anyone ever overheard our conversations they would think we were lunatics. We have the same bazaar sense of humor and we tend to feed off each other. Even scarier, our children have inherited our weird humor, so there are times when all four of us are hysterically laughing at something a normal person would not understand.  I guess I’m awesome because I can find humor in anything, I think that’s the best I can come up with!

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4 thoughts on “Why I am awesome

  1. I like to think humor is my awesome, too. My friend's daughter said to her mom, "Mrs. Maggie always looks so serious,when you are together,you're always laughing." It seldom comes out in my writing. I wonder if it has to do with trying to communicate deep heart and having people not get it. Which feels a little reject-y, though they may just not speak my language. I don't know. But all the stand-up comedians I know are hurting on the inside.

    1. It's so hard to communicate the way you want to through writing. So much depends on tone, especially when your humor is sarcastic like mine. You're so right about comedians though, many use their humor as a defense mechanism. I suppose sarcasm is mine!

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