Why is it so much easier to focus on our weaknesses?

Today’s Wego health post: My strengths and weaknesses, a list post

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today, I got a new vacuum and I’m busy playing with it. Before you judge me, know that my vacuum is eight years old and it was a cheapo when I got it. Vacuum technology has really improved in the last eight years, and so I’ve been vacuuming my carpets while trying not to gag over how much junk my old vacuum didn’t get. But, I eventually decided to take a break from my new vacuuming hobby to think about my strength and weaknesses,  because I’m not sure why, it will be good for me.


1. Being too realistic. My family refers to it as pessimism, I know that it is realism, but it definitely isn’t optimism, which should be the ideal.

2. Being too practical, sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind and I suck at that.

3. I worry way too much, it’s going to give me an ulcer someday.

4. Stubborn- I am especially stubborn when it comes to my health. I will refuse to try a treatment that probably won’t work (it’s that realism again). Everyone will try to get me to do it, and I won’t give in. I really should just do it.


1. Compassion- Is it narcissistic to say that I’m a nice caring person? Because I think I am.

2. Intelligent- Fibro fog/ Lyme brain have done a number on me, but i’m still a relatively intelligent person.

3. Loving- It might be difficult to worm your way into my affections, but once you are there, you are there for life.

4. Dang, it was way easier to come up with weaknesses, I’m out of strengths. I probably can’t come up with more strengths because of one of my weaknesses (you follow?), being too critical of myself.

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