Lyme disease sucks

I went to my Lyme doctor last week and we mutually agreed that I need to try IV antibiotics. My Lyme disease test is still coming out positive, so it looks like the past year of treatment has done virtually nothing, which is a little depressing. I’m generally a skeptic about purported Lyme disease treatments, since a lot of them require a huge bundle of cash, but at this point I’m going to just have to move beyond my skepticism and try something.

 I’ve avoided the IV for a long time because of the astronomical cost, my insurance not be willing to pay for much of it, and because I don’t know how I’ll take care of a 2 year old when I’m going to the infusion center 3 times a week (or getting the IV at home, also not compatible with an insane toddler. I can just see him pulling the IV out of my arm). But at this point I’ve just decided I need to do it, and hopefully the correct pieces will fall into place. We’ll see how it all turns out. I just feel that I need to go forward with aggressive treatment and I need to stop being so afraid of what might or might not happen.

Lyme disease sucks!

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