Finding a way to manage fibromyalgia that works for you

One of the difficult things about fibromyalgia is that there is not a universal treatment plan. So much of fibro is not yet understood and so there is a whole lot of conflicting information about how to deal with it. One of the big things suggested to fibro patients is to control their diet, but there are so many different diet plans and suggestions it’s incredibly difficult to even decide where to start.

I’ve had many diet suggestions come my way: go gluten free, go sugar free, go paleo, go on a juice diet, get rid of processed foods, get rid of diary.. and on and on and on. I’ll be honest and admit I’ve never gone for the Paleo diet (way too extreme for me, if you can do it I admire you) and I haven’t gone off diary (with the antibiotics I’m on I eat yogurt like a crazy person). I have gone sugar free and nothing changed, I have gone gluten free and nothing changed, I have eliminated as many processed foods as possible, and nothing has changed. Granted I didn’t do all of these things at the same time because I’m not a squirrel, I need to eat something and I need that something to actually provide energy, so a glass of juice doesn’t do it for me. Still I’m finding myself at a loss for the “right” diet. There is no doubt I’m eating much healthier than I used to and that is good, but I’m really not seeing any incredible results.

When I google “fibromyalgia diet” I find suggestions like “eat fruits and vegetables.” Um ya, you think? Because that never would have occurred to me otherwise. We are also encouraged to eat “good fat” from fish and nuts and skip carbs, also pretty obvious advice and the advice that is given to every other person living on the planet.  We’re also supposed to stay away from caffeine, which is excellent advice since we all know how bad caffeine is for us, but at the same time there isn’t any definitive evidence that suggests that caffeine is worse for us than it is for other people.

All this confusion leads to a whole lot of unsolicited advice from other people telling us what the cure for fibro is. It also leads to frustration on our part as we are supposed to be “managing” this disease, but no one can tell us how to really do that!

My point here is this

 1) It sucks having fibromyaglia
 2) There is no universal treatment guide for fibro
 3) Figuring out how to manage fibro involves a whole lot of advice from other people (as in I cured my fibro with this so you can do it too!) and it involves a lot of experimentation on your part. There is no magic or universal answer to managing fibro. That’s pretty discouraging, but the good news is that some people do find a way to manage it and so we just have to keep trying until we find what works for us each individually.

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One thought on “Finding a way to manage fibromyalgia that works for you

  1. I hear you! Every doctor I go to has a different EXTREME diet they want me to go on. And they are all positive that their diet will work. Unfortunately, the diets contradict each other, and hello, I HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING!!!

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