No delete tuesday

No delete Tuesday

(It is Tuesday isn’t it? Darn that fibro fog)
 I’m just going to vent as it comes out, no editing, no thinking it over, just how I feel

I’ve spent most of the day on the phone with the insurance company. I seriously want to bang my head against a wall right now, except for I already have a headache from talking to the insurance company. I’m trying to set up IV antibiotics in a last attempt to fight Lyme disease. I thought my insurance would refuse to pay for it because it’s for Lyme, but no they are refusing to pay for it because the provider is out of network. The best part is there are NO providers in network within 100 miles of the city of Houston. So they cover it, but they don’t actually cover it because there are no providers. I mean, it’s not like I live in podunkville- I live in the 4th largest city in the United States of America, and there are no providers by me.

This just highlights to me the problems we have in this country with healthcare. What exactly is the point of paying 400 a month for healthcare that I am not receiving?  This exact same situation happened to my sister only in her case they took a med-flight because my nephew’s head injury and their bill was to the tune of 25,000. This is happening to good hard working Americans, the ones who are doing the right thing and forking over half their income to cover their healthcare premium. It is just beyond ridiculous. I love my country, but we are broken. We can’t get anything useful done in our government so America’s citizens suffer. I’m not even sure why we try to work hard and pay for our needs anymore, we might as well just jump on the “government will pay for everything” bandwagon instead of supporting ourselves since the government and every company out there is trying to screw us.

Thanks for reading my rant, I’m finding it hard to have faith in humanity right now so if anything good has happened to you lately, I’d like to hear it.

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6 thoughts on “No delete tuesday

  1. AMEN, SISTER!!!!

    I'm in the same boat with my 15-month-old son's ***IMMUNIZATIONS*** of all things!

    His pediatrician won't immunize him because he says he loses money on them. It's not that my insurance won't pay for them, they just won't pay "enough." I've been taking him to the Health Department to get them, when suddenly, they turned us away BECAUSE WE HAVE INSURANCE – a new policy. They say they only serve those with TennCare (publicly-funded insurance). I told his pediatrician and they offered to put me on a payment plan for the $1,500 they charged.

    Why should I have to pay that when my insurance covers 100%? I called every Tennessee government official I could call.

    Turns out, the state of Tennessee PROVIDES IMMUNIZATIONS FOR FREE – the doctors don't pay a dime for them. Talk about PO'd!!! I'm spitting nails.

    You're exactly right. It's broken. Why should I bother trying to do the right thing? Sometimes I feel like I really would be better off jumping on "the government will pay for everything" bandwagon. In Tennessee, you not only get Welfare, you get good health insurance, formula and baby food, childcare, and a college education – all FREE.

    1. Oh my goodness, immunizations, that's crazy! I can't believe they are fighting you on that of all things! It's the same here in TX, if you don't make enough money you get absolutely everything for free, and with much less hassle then those of us who pay for it. It's so frustrating.

  2. Are there some in network providers in a good vacation spot like, oh say, Hawaii? J/K that really stinks…in the entire Houston area there isn't one covered provider? What does it take to be a covered provider? That's insane. Curses on them.

  3. Hey we pay $650 a month for our family to be insured. It sucks! Where is the love for teachers? Sorry to hear things are so hard for you to get the IV! I will be praying for you (I mean that with all seriousness and love)!

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