I only have one vice, a vice that I justify because it’s really my only vice, Dr. Pepper. Oh my goodness do I love Dr. Pepper, I am after all a Texan and that’s what Texans drink (that and iced tea). It’s probably a tie between the two on which one could be declared the official Texas state drink.

 I’ve gone off my Dr Pepper habit several times, I went off it when I was pregnant and breastfeeding both my kids, but that was a while ago now and my habit has been getting somewhat out of control so I decided I had to stop. With my health as bad as it is I can no longer justify having a vice, so out the Dr Pepper goes.

It’s been pretty rough.

I feel like an alcoholic because I know I have been “sober” for 16 days. Plus DP is to me what alcohol is to other people, I like to sit back and relax at the end of a long day and enjoy my cold DP. It’s definitely been a testimony to me of the powers of addiction. I was just drinking 1-2 cans a day and it’s been incredibly hard to get rid of that habit. How hard is it then to get rid of an alcohol habit, a cigarette habit, a drug habit, or a prescription medication habit? I certainly have developed more sympathy to anyone who has faced addictions.

I can’t say I have noticed any difference in my health which is a little disappointing. I was really hoping that my great sacrifice would have tangible results. I probably should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. I’m still working on eliminating processed foods from my diet and seeing if that helps me at all. I’ve eliminated a lot and I haven’t seen anything different there either, but at least I can say I eat pretty healthy, even if my body isn’t feeling very healthy at the moment.

 It’s such a juggle trying to find the right diet to help me manage my symptoms and it’s been made harder for me in that I haven’t seen a lot of results. While I know intellectually getting off the DP is a good thing, it’s hard for me to stay strong when I’m not seeing anything get better. The DP keeps calling to me!  It truly is amazing how addicting such a supposedly benign substance is.

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