No delete friday

(I am relatively sure that it is indeed Friday)
I’m just venting, no deleting or editing, just saying how I feel
Today I can’t feel my hands, they are totally numb. Since my hands usually are what hurt me the most, it’s a strange feeling. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not, because honestly it’s kind of nice. I’m sure a normal person would freak out and advise me to go see a doctor, but I’ve been to doctors and I know that they could care less. Whenever I’m looking up medical advice on the internet at the end of the article it always says “If you have these symptoms go see a doctor immediately ” I always laugh considering I’ve had the symptoms for years and doctors don’t care at all. Most doctors just blow me off because I’m a female and I must be exaggerating and I must be depressed (because depression causes numbness somehow, no one has been able to explain that one to me). If it can’t be solved with a pill (preferably an expensive one) than they don’t want to deal with it, they want it to be someone else’ s problem and I’m tired of being someone else’s problem, so I avoid the doctor. I would honestly rather my body suffer than go to another doctor because I can’t take another doctor treating me like an idiotic female. So for now, I’ll just enjoy the fact that my hands don’t hurt and just go with the flow. 
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