Not hiding the truth

I’ve had a couple of less than positive posts on this blog lately because I’ve decided I need to not hide the truth, and the truth is that things are bad for me right now. I often tend to downplay what is wrong with me in my every day interactions, but I’ve decided I need to be more honest, even at the expense of scaring people off.

However,  right now I can’t help but feel grateful, grateful for supportive friends and family, and grateful to know what is wrong with me. For so long I didn’t know what was wrong and I thought “if I only I knew, I wouldn’t care what it was.” I clearly didn’t know what I was getting into with a Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease diagnoses, since here I am a year later and I’m not any better. I am however lucky to now be apart of the Fibro and Lyme communities, both of which give me tremendous support and I am incredibly grateful for that.

In that vain as I mentioned before I am participating in the Houston Lyme Disease walk to raise money and awareness for Lyme disease. I’m generally a lousy Lyme Disease advocate, but I’m going to attempt to get off the couch and ignore my foggy brain and do this. I have a fundraising page, the link is on the side of my blog, please share or donate if you can!

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