You’re screwed, good luck with that


The things that could be written about that word. I don’t think anything good ever comes after the word unfortunately. I wonder how many dreams have been crushed starting with the word “unfortunately.”

Unfortunately…we can’t admit you to this school

Unfortunately… we no longer have need for your services

Unfortunately…your insurance doesn’t cover that

Unfortunately…. we don’t know what is wrong with you

Unfortunately…we are unable to be of service to you at this time.

Unfortunately…you seem to not be making any improvement.

Unfortunately…we are going in another direction.

I wish people would come out and say the truth instead of hiding behind the word. It seems to be people’s idea of the best word to use to let someone down. Apparently there are companies who actually ban their employees from using the word unfortunately with their customers because of its connotation . Lately I have been hit with the word constantly and I’d really like to stop hearing it, just tell me the truth instead of trying to paint me a picture that is better then it really is. To me “unfortunately” actually means “you’re screwed, good luck with that.” If someone was that honest with me I’d be just fine with that, platitudes aren’t exactly helpful, I think true honesty is much more important.

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