CD57 test- This is why I am sick

Hard to believe this little thing changed my whole life.

One of the ways to measure progress is Lyme disease treatment is through the measure of what is called the CD57 test. Basically Lyme disease suppresses the immune system and this can be measured through CD57. The test breaks down like this:

>200 normal
<20 is severe illness
0-60 is seen in chronic Lyme disease

So here is the awesome part, when I first was diagnosed with Lyme disease my CD57 was 18. It pretty much hasn’t budged from under 20. After one month of IV antibiotics my CD57 is 15. Yep that’s right, I’m not doing better at all. I basically have no immune system and for some reason I am still highly infected with Lyme, even after treatment. I have had from the beginning a “severe” Lyme infection thanks to be undiagnosed for so long. Basically it’s amazing that I’m even functioning on any level with my numbers that low, most people with a CD57 that low are bedridden. So if you want to know why I feel so badly all the time, this is it. My body is refusing to rise any immune response to the bacteria, so no wonder I am so exhausted and in so much pain.

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