IV antibiotics

I’m on week 3 of IV antibiotics and I’m ready to be done. I couldn’t get a picc line put in because the surgeon wasn’t going to be able to do it until this week, which would be pretty pointless since I have only 4 more treatments to go. So instead I have an IV in my hand all the time. Luckily needles don’t phase me (probably something to do with having a Mom who is a Type 1 diabetic), some other people have been really freaked out by the fact that I have this sticking into me all the time. I do cover it up so people can’t see it and lots don’t even notice.  It’s really not too uncomfortable either, I’m mostly annoyed that I can’t shower with it. Don’t worry, I take baths with my hand sticking out, so I don’t stink, but I really miss the shower.

My hand looks swollen in this picture, but it’s actually not any more swollen then it has been the last three years. I’ve gotten used to my permanently huge hand so it’s strange to see in a picture how big it is.

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel better yet and the truth is that I do not. I feel horrible right now though that’s partly due to all the side effects of the antibiotics. I’m facing a big decision soon, should I just accept that I’m not going to get better and that this is it, or do I start shelling out my own money for additional IV treatment in the hope that something will change? There are so many differing opinions about how to treat Lyme disease, I don’t even know what direction to go in. I’m going to talk to my doctor of course and get some blood work done before I make the decision, but I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do.  
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