Lyme Doctor Update

I went to see my Lyme doctor these week.  It’s always a “special” experience hurtling down the Houston freeway during rush hour desperately hoping some idiot doesn’t get in an accident and strand me for hours. My doctor’s office is about 30 miles from my house. I left  1 1/2 hrs before my appointment and I barely made it. I ran like a crazy women up the stairs to make it on time and apparently I need more exercise since when they took my pulse a few minutes later it was really high. I tried to convince them that’s just what Houston traffic does to me, but I don’t think believed me.

So now I’m waiting for blood work to come back to see if the IV antibiotics did anything at all. In the meantime the doctor thinks I might have Babesiosis which is another tick transmitted disease which you have something like 65% chance of having if you have Lyme (that statistic is off the top of my head, don’t quote me). Her newest theory is that Babesiosis may be what is keeping me from getting better. It’s a malaria-like illness so the treatment is not just antibiotics. I’m not really sure how I feel about this idea, I’ve been in total denial about the possibility of co-infections with Lyme disease, it just all seems very strange. The medication looks like it may have some nasty side effects so we’ll see how long my body can tolerate it. I’m really starting to feel like treatment just keeps going on and on and on with little or no results, it’s very frustrating.

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