The realities of parenting

My night last night went something like this:

7:00 PM- Put both my kids to bed

7:15 PM- Extract my energetic toddler from his sister’s bed as she is begging to be allowed to sleep!

7:30- Extract toddler from play room take him back to his bed

7:45- Extract toddler from sister’s bed again

8:00- Snuggle with toddler, he falls asleep and I sigh in relief

10:00- Head off to bed

10:15- Toddler sneaks into my bed whispering “somethintoeat” in his best nazgul voice (see Lord of the rings movie). Settle toddler back into bed again and head back to my bed

11:30- Woken up by my husband coming home, attempt to go back to sleep

12:00 AM- Still awake

3:00 AM- Hear mysterious footsteps in the living room, too tired to get up and see who has escaped but comforted by the fact that all the doors are chained shut and no one can get out.

3:30 AM- More mysterious footsteps that quickly retreat when I call out.

3:45 AM- Daughter comes in and says she is scared, she is followed by the toddler who is upset that his sister left him.

4:00 AM- All parties back in bed

4:15 AM- Daughter still scarred, toddler still lonely. The most wonderful husband graciously puts them back in bed and moves to the couch to let me get back to sleep.

5:00 AM- Still awake, can’t sleep

6:00 AM- Hearing mysterious sounds coming from the living room, too tired to investigate

6:45 AM- Time to get up again

There’s nothing like being a parent! I am beyond exhausted and am just thrilled that my daughter has a half day today and this week is spring break (sarcasm alert).  When you have sleep problems, chronic illness, and kids you basically end up as a walking zombie at all times. If you ever see me and I totally ignore you, this is why! If you yell at me that will probably get my attention, although I am half deaf, so that is touch and go as well. I promise I’m not ignoring you, I’m just in a sleep depraved haze.
This is just one of the reasons being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it’s definitely worth it, even if I’m a walking zombie.

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