What is normal?

I think I have officially forgotten what it is like to be normal.

The other day I was thinking about someone and the many things they have on their schedule and wondering how they managed to do that many things and to do them so efficiently. Then it hit me, I used to be able to go non stop from dawn to dusk efficiently as well, back when I was healthy (granted, me working full time and going to school full time probably didn’t help my health any in the long run).

I’ve gotten used to “managing” my life that I’ve forgotten that not everyone has to do it! Most people can do things what they want when they want without having to make sure they won’t be in too much pain or too tired . How did I ever forget that?

My whole life revolves around my health. Everything I do and every minute of the day I have to take my health into account. I’ve had to completely overhaul every aspect of my life from the small day to day things to the major life decisions. Just today my husband and I were talking about how we’d always wanted three kids, and we have considered adopting a third, but it just can’t happen right now with my health being as it is (plus my son is insane and he’s partially put us off of ever having more).

I would love to be able to stop managing every minute of my life and just do what I need to do no matter how my body feels. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works for me, but apparently I need to remember that isn’t what everyone else has to do, which is why they get so much more done than I do. So I’m going to give myself a break when I feel like I can’t accomplish as much as other people, because, well I’m awesome, and I deserve it!

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