Happy Mothers Day to me

We are probably the least tech savvy house left in America. We own one TV  but we don’t have cable so my kids don’t even know what commercials are. We do have one computer and a wii, but we don’t have multiple gaming systems, smart phones, iPad, iPod, or anything else. My six year old finds this to be very frustrating because she wants to play angry birds. When I asked how she even knew about angry birds her response was “well duh mom, everyone has it on their phones and their iPods except you and Daddy. Your phone doesn’t do anything.” I pointed out that phones were originally invented for talking and my phone fulfilled that need, but she was not amused. As far as she is concerned we live in the stone age.  I’m already on the not cool list, I shudder to think how not cool I am going to be when she is 16. I can’t imagine what she’d have to say if I told her that I got my first cell phone in college, that I got a Walkman for my 11th birthday, and that my family bought it’s first computer when I was in 6th grade.

I also teach a class of nine year olds once a week and they own more technology then I do, which is just sad. They were horrified when I told them I didn’t have Siri on my phone and even more horrified when they saw how ancient my phone was. I’m pretty sure they think I am old and decrepit  since no self respecting young person would walk around with a phone like that. I was also told I should bring my iPad to teach from instead of printing out notes. I just laughed at that!

So, it’s been growing on me lately that it would be very convenient to have an electronic device of some sort to entertain the kiddos when we travel this summer. So, I’ve given in (partially) and joined the electronic age. I got myself a Kindle Fire and I’m kind of excited about it. My husband is also excited since that gets him off the hook for getting me anything. Happy Mothers Day to me!

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