Too much reality in my chronic world

Apparently I like to use the word “reality” too much. I looked back at some of my past posts and found:

The reality of Lyme disease

The reality of chronic pain

The realities of parenting

The reality of chronic illness

I’ve always described myself as a realistic person. My husband prefers pessimist, but I disagree, I just tend to look at things as how they are, good or bad. I refuse to sugar coat things in order to be optimistic but I also refuse to be depressed about things that I can’t change. Still, I may be focusing a little too much on reality, though in all honesty I’m not sure what else to focus on! I can think about the good things about illness, but it is hard for me to permanently focus on them, because pain and exhaustion inevitably rear their ugly heads and no amount of sugar coating can fix that.  It would be nice to live in a fantasy world, but I’m just not hard wired that way.

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