A little bit of sadness

I spent my day today going through all my old baby clothes and getting them ready for a garage sale. I didn’t expect it to be hard, but it was. Looking at the clothes that used to fit my babies and thinking about how there will be no more babies was a little sad, not dissolving into hysterical tears sad, but still a little sad.

I always wanted to have three kids, now I have two and will not be having more per multiple doctors instructions. It is what it is and I’m mostly okay with this (or so I tell myself). I really enjoy not having to deal with the sleep deprivation, stinky diapers, not having the time to shower, not being able to go anywhere etc. Still, there is that tiny sad part of me, but luckily I read this great article here and it made me feel much better. It’s nice to run across good parenting articles like this.

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