I don’t know how do you do it

Quite often when a friend of mine talks about how they have had a horrible time being sick (regular sick) they always end what they say with a small glance at me and the phrase, ” it was horrible, I don’t know how you do it.”

There’s a pretty simple answer, no one gave me a choice, my health problems are not something I chose and they are not something I caused. They just happened, and now I have to deal with them whether I want to or not (I don’t really want to). We all have to deal with the problems we’ve been given even if they are not of our own making. I “do” it because I have no other option. Do I like not being to do anything? No. Do I like feeling like crap all the time? No. Do I like people treated me like I’m useless? No. Is it hard to not be physically able to do what I want to do? Yes, but I deal because I don’t have another option.

You always hear people talk about how if we all put our trials in a hat and had an opportunity to pick someone else’ s, we’d pick our own. I always thought that was a bunch of BS, some people just get it easy and I want their life. As I’ve gotten older though, I have noticed that almost everyone has some sort of challenge or difficulty they have to deal with, very few people get off scott free. When people ask me “how I do it” on a good day I can point out that I’m very lucky, I would much rather I have health problems then my husband or kids. If I had to choose any of us being sick, I would choose me. Of course my ideal would be all of us being healthy, but so little in this life is ideal. Very often we just have to learn to deal with what we are given, like it or not.

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