No more antibiotics

I’ve finally reached a decision about my treatment, no more antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. I’ve been on them for a year and a half, and except for the time I was on IV antibiotics, I’ve never felt any better (and I can’t get back on IV because insurance won’t pay. We’re still paying off the month the insurance did cover at 70%). Granted, I suppose I could start feeling worse and if for some reason that happens then I’ll go back on antibiotics, but at this point they don’t seem to be helping me so the side effects aren’t worth it.

This was a tough decision and one I had to make on my own as my doctor has taken me as far as she can take me. She is not Lyme doctor, the closest Lyme doctor is five hours away and doesn’t accept insurance. I’ve thought about going to him but it just seems a ridiculous amount of money for very little results. Theoretically I guess he could magically cure me in 6 months and for not too much cash, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting that lucky. While I appreciate Lyme physicians and the risk they take in treating Lyme patients, the costs of their weird treatments is out of this world and I have yet to meet anyone who had spectacular results. Some people have gotten their life back eventually, but usually it’s years and $100,000 later, and whose to say they wouldn’t have just gotten better over time?

I’m not throwing “natural” or “alternative”medicine out the window, I’ve decided I need tailor my treatments toward lifestyle changes. Like it or not, Lyme disease wiped out my immune system and freaked out my body and left me with chronic fatigue and fibro. I feel like I have addressed Lyme disease as much as I possibly can and as far as science goes. Maybe someday Lyme will not be such a political disease in the hands of power hungry morons who control all the healthcare (or lack of it) in this country*Maybe someday a better treatment will be available, but I’m not holding out for it, I’m moving on.

* If you’re curious about these morons, watch the documentary “Under our skin” on hulu.

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