Who are you to say my life is less?

I’m frustrated, I’m frustrated with people, I’m frustrated that people don’t understand, that they don’t get it. I tire of people treated me like I’m garbage, I tire of being treated like I am useless and therefore not worth bothering with. I wish people would actually ask me whether I can do something instead of assuming that I’m useless or incapable. More often then not I CAN do things, I just have to be careful about my schedule. I try to not let my health problems keep me from doing what I want to do.

Who are you to assume my life is less? Who are you to decided what I can and can’t do? I will decide what I can do, do not decide for me.  I am not helpless just because I am not healthy, I am still  a fully functioning human being who has talents and capabilities. Look beyond my health problems and you’ll see that I manage to do many things, even things that healthy people do not manage to do (like being considerate of others). I am not less of a person because I can not play sports anymore, I am not less of a person because I don’t run marathons all the time, I am not less of a person because I don’t run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all day long. I make priorities and stick with them.

 I am worth as much as anybody else and I am tired of people deciding that I am worth less then healthy people. Stop deciding that I am not capable without even asking me, please think outside of your world and try to consider mine (because goodness knows, I have to consider yours). I tire of assumptions. I tire of rudeness disguised as concern. Please stop judging me and making decisions about me.

*Note- this angry rant is not toward anyone specific, just incidents that have built up over the years.

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