Why is Lyme Disease Incidence So Much Higher than the CDC Predicted?

Recently the CDC came out with new Lyme Disease numbers, their previous claim was that it affected only 30,000 people a year (which everyone knew was bogus), and now they have upped it to 300,000 new cases per year. Yet, I don’t think these numbers go far enough. It is tremendously difficult to qualify as a CDC positive Lyme case due to their two teared testing methods. The two teared testing method is based on tests that are not even sort of accurate, especially the first test. Their whole diagnostic method is based on a test that is incredibly flawed and widely know for false negatives. I was lucky that I had a doctor who ignored the first useless test and just used the second, the western blot. I tested positive numerous times through the western blot, I even met CDC’s stringent testing standards and I should count as a CDC positive case, but my doctor didn’t report me to the CDC. I don’t qualify as CDC positive on a technicality, you see, my doctor never administered the first test (the one that has a 50% accuracy rate) so I don’t count in the CDC statistics. There are thousands of Lyme disease patients like me out there who should qualify as CDC positive, but don’t due to stupid rules such as this one.

The CDC has maintained for years that Lyme Disease is hard to get and easy to treat. They continue to stick by that as Lyme Disease rates have exponentially risen. These new numbers are no surprise to anyone in the Lyme community, anyone is who actually aware of what is going on knows the CDC is fudging their numbers as much as they can. Don’t ask me why, I don’t get it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because of the power of the insurance lobbyists who don’t want to pay for the rising costs of treatment. This seems rather counterproductive to me though, if there were more awareness about Lyme disease doctors would be better at treating it, and people like me wouldn’t face a lifetime of disability because of misdiagnosis. Insurance companies have never been logical though. Meanwhile the incidences of Lyme are exponentially rising and someday someone will have to start paying attention.

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