Best of fibro fog

My doctor asks me ever time I go see her how the fibro fog/ lyme brain is going. I usually give some vague answer about how it’s annoying but I get by. I don’t like anyone, not even my doctor, thinking I’ve lost my brain, especially since she can’t do anything about it.

 I follow all the coping strategies suggested when dealing with the loss of brain power. I’m a hyper-organized person and it’s come in handy when dealing with my brain fog. I write everything down, I have notes all over my house to remind me to do things. I write everything down on the calender, even if it’s something routine, because if it isn’t on the calendar then I won’t remember it. I also keep things in the same place so I can find them (I still can’t find them). I also try not to multitask too much because I think that often makes the fog worse. I used to be a champion multitask-er, I’d be at work making a hotel reservation on the phone, while writing an essay for a college class, while cashing a check for a a customer, and I never blinked an eye. These days I can’t even watch tv and write a blog post!

 Still, I manage to hide my crazy from everyone besides my family most of the time. Lately though, I’ve been in such a fog that other people are starting to notice, frankly they can’t help but notice because I’ve been looking like an idiot. I was sitting at my daughter’s dance studio last week talking to some friends that don’t yet know me well enough to know about all my issues. I was tired which made following the conversation even harder then it normally is. A friend asked me a question and I couldn’t wrap my mind about what she was asking, I was so confused. I gave some off the wall answer and she looked at me like I was nuts! She’s an awesome person so I know she wasn’t judging me, but I’m sure she was wondering what in the world I was talking about. It was definitely a “best of fibro fog/Lyme brain moment”, about on par with the incident where I found my keys in the freezer or when I signed a check using my maiden name (yeah, I’ve been married for 9 years, I should probably have my married name down by now). Sometimes all the coping strategies in the world fail you and you look like an idiot. What I wouldn’t give to have my brain back!

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2 thoughts on “Best of fibro fog

  1. I doon't have fibro/Lyme but I have some of ht esame symptoms. I absolutely can't multitask either, but wiht me, I never could. I'm sorry you had such an awkward moment of your fibro fog. I've been in a lot of veyr frustrating situatiosn due to overload (which is in my case due to autism so I'v enever known any different). Then again others who meet me for ht efirst tiem or even have known me for a while, see htat I can function fine when not overloaded, but functioning goes out the window at het drop of a hat.

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