CD 57 finally improving

I went to see my doctor today. I only go because they keep me hostage via medication refills. They always take blood work to test my CD 57 levels, which helps measure Lyme’s effect on my immune system. I explained more about that number here, which interestingly enough is one of my most googled posts (there’s not a lot of information out there about CD 57). The blood  work is always bad and never shows improvement which is very discouraging after two years of treatment. Needless to say, I go through this rigamoral reluctantly.

So imagine my shock when my numbers actually showed improvement. I went from a CD 57 of 18 to 47, my highest number ever. Granted, any CD-57 less then 60 is considered “severe illness” and I’m still well under that number, but at least it’s finally more than 20 (practically comatose). No wonder I’ve been feeling good the last week! Of course this has gotten my hopes up that one day I will no longer be a walking zombie, and the pessimist inside me is trying to squash that hope, but still, I’ll take it.

It’s so hard to ride this roller coaster of chronic illness. Just when I think I’ve squashed any hope of my health ever improving, it improves (go figure). I half expect that after I get my hopes up about improving I’ll have a giant crash that puts me in bed for a month. If I haven’t said it enough before, chronic illness is hard!

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