I can heal

I am currently reading Elizabeth Smart’s biography. It’s not something I would typically read. I love to read, but I read to escape into a happy fantasy world, not to hear about horrible true stories. Yet, I have always found Elizabeth to be inspirational and I wanted to read her story. I found her story to be very positive, despite the horror that she went through. This was my favorite quote in the whole book:

“The truth is, history is replete with stories of human suffering. The world has been full of brutality and abuse and suffering since the beginning of man. There are examples of those who suffered abuse as I did, maybe in different forms, or from different sources, but I am not the first to suffer at the hand of an evil man. And there are other kinds of challenges. Some of my own ancersters were early pioneers. They faces suffering and starvation, the loss of their children, the loss of other loved ones. They too endured the gamut of emotions, from utter detestation to lifesaving miracles. But the human spirit is resilient. God made us so. He gave us the ability to forgive. To leave our past behind. To look forward instead of back. I’m not the first one who has ever done this. People have been doing it for generations. Since the beginning of time, men have found ways to heal.” (Elizabeth Smart, “My story,” pg  298) You can buy her book here, I recommend it. 

I’ve never been through anything as difficult as she was, I’ve never experienced anything remotely similar to what she experienced, but I found courage in her words.  It is true, humans are resilient. Horrible things have happened to countless numbers of people, and yet most manage to go on, to keep living, to heal and to find happiness. 
I can heal. Not my body, which is out of my control, but my mind. I can heal from the barbs thrown my way about how I’m faking my health problems, I can heal from the people who treat me like I am nothing because I don’t meet their standards, I can heal from having my life turned upside down and my dreams taken away from me. There is joy to be found, no matter the circumstances. Yes, I have my down moments, or sometimes my down days, and that’s okay, but in the end I can move on, I can be resilient.
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