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I’ve been meaning to write an awesome blog post for days. Unfortunately I am not channeling any awesomeness right now. I’d say I have writers block, but I’m pretty sure no self respecting author would consider blogging “writing.”

My kids have the next two days off school because the school district likes to torture parents by randomly giving days off every month. Yes, I know they are mine and I’m the one who decided to have them, and yes I love them to pieces, but my house turns into one of those creepy fun houses when they are both home. You know the one where a creepy clown pops out with it’s creepy face and laughing manically (clowns disturb me). In my house the maniacal laughter comes from my son who thinks it’s a great game to hide in odd places and then jump out a scare the crap out of me. I live in fear of how this talent will develop, he’s only 3.

Meanwhile I have scheduled lots of play dates for my kids to assuage my guilt about letting them play the kindle too much. I’m Mom of the year today since I scheduled 3 playmates in one day (yes I only have 2 kids, they got an extra play date, I’m just that awesome). I am also excited to announce I am up for the award of the Most Insane Mom of the Year and Mom Whose Guilt About Letting Her Kids Play the Kindle Too Much Goes Too Far or Mom Found Dead After Kids Run Amok During the School Break. After serious reflection, I may go with the last award.

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