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I know that most of my readership on this blog does not come from people with Lyme Disease. In general I strive to talk about fibromyalgia or living with chronic illness in general because I feel my Lyme Disease has mostly run it’s coarse and isn’t getting better.  But since I’ve been volunteering for the Texas Lyme Disease association I’ve been aware of more things that are happening in the Lyme Disease community. I got an email yesterday about the Lyme 300,000 project  and decided not to be my lazy self and decided to participate. For those who don’t know 300,000 is the number of people the CDC finally admitted get diagnosed with Lyme Disease every year (read my post on that here). My submitted picture is above. I look like crap, I almost didn’t put the picture up because I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but I figured since this was a picture about sickness I didn’t need to look perfect, I should look like I do when I’m sick! Here’s the information on the campaign below:

The “We Are The 300,000” LYME MEDIA CAMPAIGN
 United Lyme Action (ULA) is launching a photo campaign to get more media attention for Lyme disease.  Our goal is to raise awareness about the fact that the CDC and HMOs are ignoring the Lyme disease epidemic.
Our goal is to get 500 pictures up in the next 2 weeks 
Here’s How You Can Be Part of the Campaign
We’re asking people to take a photo of themselves holding a sign saying, “I am one of the 300,000 plus annual Lyme patients being ignored by the CDC and HMOs.” 
We plan to develop the photos, connect them into banners, and send them to 4 major news networks.
You can learn everything about the campaign here:
You can make your own sign or print one out here: 
You can email your photos to:
Check out some photos already sent in:
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