Fibromyalgia/CFS or Lyme or both?

I’m not one of those people who thinks every single person with Fibro or CFS has Lyme disease. I do however think there are some people out there who have been misdiagnosed. Lyme and Fibro have very similar symptoms, and it doesn’t help that the Lyme disease tests are so inaccurate. Doctors in general don’t know squat about Lyme disease, especially if you are not on the east coast. Many doctors who have a patient test positive for Lyme will tell them it’s a false positive, and then when they have someone test negative they treat the lab test like it’s 100% accurate when it’s more like 60%. The truth is the tests for Lyme disease are almost useless because they are so inaccurate. A diagnosis needs to be made of symptoms and history, but because the symptoms between Fibro and Lyme are so similar that takes a lot of work on the part of the doctor. That work translates into time, which most doctors do not give patients anymore. If they can’t figure out what is wrong in 15 minutes or less then it’s not their problem, it’s yours. Finding a doctor who will take the time to listen is they key to finding out the truth.

Here is a great article on how to tell Fibro vs Lyme.

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One thought on “Fibromyalgia/CFS or Lyme or both?

  1. Lyme is a devious disease; it wouldn’t have been labeled as "The Great Imitator" for nothing. It usually imitates a lot of symptoms, though there are cases where patients won’t have any the indications up until the Lyme invades their central nervous system, which could result to death when not treated immediately. Being aware and being well-informed is the best way to avoid being misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late of this sneaky disease.

    Sabrina Craig @ Law Firm of Joseph M. Lichtenstein P.C.

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