Bearing other people’s joy

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I pray you if you love me, bear my joy

A little while, or let me weep your tears;
I, too, have seen the quavering Fate destroy
Your destiny’s bright spinning–the dull sheares
Meeting not neatly, chewing at the thread,
Nor can you well be less aware how fine,
How staunch as wire, and how unwarranted
Endures the golden fortune that is mine.
I pray you for this day at least, my dear,
Fare by my side, that journey in the sun;
Else must I turn me from the blossoming year
And walk in grief the way that you have gone.
Let us go forth together to the spring:
Love must be this, if it be anything.
(Edna St. Vincent Millay)

I am not the type of person who enjoys poetry, but this poem really struck me. The first line just grabbed me I pray you if you love me, bear my joy. So often I complain about the things others are doing or accomplishing that I can’t do. I complain about people acting like I’m worthless because I don’t have the same achievements and it hurts me when people constantly brag about how many wonderful things they are doing. I can’t stand people who constantly feel the need to advertise how wonderful they are. At the end of though day though, if I love them I should bear their joy.

I’m sure this poem means something different than what it means to me (I never understood poetry, I’m way too literal) but it was a good reminder for me to be happy for others. Through the strength of love I can endure the golden fortune of others even if there is no golden fortune for me. Through the strength of love I can ignore my aching heart and bear the joy of others. I can cry happy tears for their golden fortune even while suppressing my sad tears brought on by chronic illness. Love is taking someone by the hand and staying by their side through their journey as they stay by your side through yours. As we bear their joy they can walk in grief with us as we carry our burdens. And in the end we can go forth together in the spring

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