From Aids to Lyme: Will History Repeat itself?

Today I read a great article “From Aids to Lyme: Will We Let History Repeat itself?” It made me wish people knew how serious Lyme disease can be. This is what my medicine cabinet contains right now and it is highly probable that I will have to continue this way for the rest of my life.

If I had been diagnosed when I first went to a doctor, my case could probably have been cured with a single bottle of Doxycycline. That’s one bottle of an antibiotic vs the six prescription drugs and the numerous vitamin supplements I take per day. If doctors had taken me seriously I would be a fully functioning healthy adult who would be contributing to society instead of taking from it. If Lyme disease were dealt with seriously I would not be spending hundreds of dollars per month (and even more of my insurance company’s money) on my healthcare.

 I am just one person who was ignored by doctors, but there are hundreds of thousands of people out there like me in just the United States alone.  People who were healthy one day and disabled for life a short time later after being poo pooed by their doctors and rejected by the healthcare system. Like AIDS the government refuses to deal with the Lyme disease problem.* It ignores the cry of patients and cozies up to the insurance companies and their lobbyists.  Someday the problem will become so large that people will start to notice and start to care, just like they did with AIDS, but how many people will be dead or disabled before then?

Remember I am one of the lucky ones. I have insurance which will at least pay for my medications, many people are not so lucky. I am one of the lucky ones because in a year and a half of treatment I actually have improved some. I may be disabled for life but I am not dead and I am not bedridden, there are many who are. How bad do things have to be before we decide to act?

*Note: I am not compared Lyme and AIDS as diseases, but pointing out that politics and big $ interests have held back treatment, awareness, and medial progress of each.

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