Strengthen your soul

I’ve been thinking a lot about suffering and character lately and wondering how I can strengthen my soul through my experiences so they will not be a waste. We can’t all be Helen Keller but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be. Though I am no longer strong in body I want to have a strong soul. A strong soul can not only survive this, but can learn and be strengthened by it and even help strengthen others. I want to be that strong soul.

I want to be more open about my experiences so people can better understand those in their life who struggle with health. I’m pretty open on my blog about what my life is like but rarely share it with people I know in real life because it means I can no longer hide and pretend I am normal. I want to be more open so that when someone unexpectedly gets sick they know they are not alone and that there are other people who understand. I want them to know they can turn to me or anyone else in the health community. I don’t want chronic illness to be something that is always dragging me down, but rather something that opens me up to new thoughts and experiences. I will be a strong soul.

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