Chronic illness through crappy pictures

This is me before pain.


This is me after (I’m not commanding the seas or walking on water. I know my artistry is so amazing it’s not immediately clear to the naked eye but I’m drowning)


This is my mind after pain and chronic illness



Hint, here is what your brain is supposed to look like, there is stuff in it:


This is me trying to rest my broken body on a typical afternoon.



This is me on on a good day:



This is me on a bad day:


This is me when I’m with people, versus when I’m alone. I pretend that I’m fine.


not fine

Some days I have spoons and some days I don’t.

crappy pics1

I don’t have a lot of control over my body



I have a really good relationship with my comfortable furniture

crappy pics 3

Every time I get up it comes with sound effects

crappy pics4



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