Just another ordinary day

This past week had been frustrating. I’ve been waiting to pass my kidney stones, all while in significant pain, which has majorly diminished my energy level and pain tolerance. It didn’t help that this week was spring break and both my kids were home. Nothing like straining your pee while your kids are banging on the bathroom door screaming.

Kid A:  Mom, he is touching me and ruining everything I do. He ruined my whole day!

Me looking at my pee in a strainer hoping there is a kidney stone and I can go back to peeing like a normal person .

Kid B: No, she’s touching me!

Kid A: No, he touched me first!

Done peeing in strainer, no kidney stone. I’m pondering if my children will kill each other if I take pain medication and lose lucidity. I’m afraid I would come out of my medicated haze to find one of my children sitting naked on a pile of trash the other one a missing person. I decided to tough it out and not take pain medication, it’s not worth the risk. 

Kid B: She looked at me first!

Kid A: I never want to see you again Mom, you’re so mean, you must hate me!

Wow, that escalated quickly. 

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