Jealous of lab results

I have hit a new low.

This week I found myself jealous of someone who had negative results on their basic lab work.

Before you think I’m totally nuts, please keep reading, you’ll know I’m totally nuts by the end of this. The person in question didn’t have anything much wrong them. They went in for a basic physical because they were feeling tired and came away with a prescription for vitamin D, problem solved. I went into my doctor for feeling tired and spent the next two years getting bounced around from doctor to doctor because none of them wanted to deal with me. No one wants to deal with the patients who have obvious health difficulties but have basic lab panels that come back normal. Doctors want the patients whose problems can be fixed with a prescription, they do not want patients who have reams of medical charts who will take years to recover from their ailments (or not at all).

I’m so jealous of people with easily solvable health problems because nothing for me is mapped out. I’ve been given a lot of suggestions and possibilities for me to improve my health, but they all cost a ton and there is no guaranty that they will work. So I get to pour money down a hole in which there is no bottom. I get to experiment with my health for the rest of my life, constantly trying to find what works for my body and what doesn’t at the most non ridiculous price. I get to listen to constant suggestions about ways to improve my health by trying this *insert expensive and controversial treatment here.* I would give anything to have my recovery mapped out for me, to know exactly what I need to do to feel better, but it’s not that easy. So yeah, I’m crazy and would love to have some bad lab results.

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2 thoughts on “Jealous of lab results

  1. I don't know about "bad" lab results. Getting negative test after negative test is pissing me off. On paper, I'm so ridiculously healthy. I'm so frustrated! I'd love "bad" test results in the form of "Hey, this is what's effing wrong with you." Grr… I share your frustrations. I must sound crazy, too.

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. Just once I'd love for my lab tests to come back in favor of something actually being wrong. I'm so tired of being healthy on paper when I'm so obviously NOT.

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