Love comes calling book review

I joined a book review program through Bethany House Publishers. They give me the book for free and in return I review it. I’ve been told I can review it honestly, so here we go.

“Love comes calling” by Siri Mitchell

Love comes calling is set in the 1920’s and explores many of the issues of the day such as prohibition and the moral issues involved.  The author does an excellent job of setting the scene of the day with flappers, telephone girls, return WWI vets, speakeasies etc. The main character is a girl named Ellis who is not your average heroine. She’s clumsy, she forgets everything, and she feels different from everyone else. I wanted to like Ellis as a character simply because she departs from your typical heroine, but unfortunately I just found her to be annoying. The reason for her forgetfulness is revealed at the end of the book, but I don’t feel like the author did Ellis justice. I relate to someone who is disorganized and a little wacky, I don’t relate to a character who can’t manage to get anything done ever. Ellis comes off as someone who doesn’t care enough about anyone else.  I really just wanted Ellis to grow up and get it together. By the end of the book she is not quite as annoying, but I still struggled to identify with her.

Overall I’d say this book is just okay. The author does a great job telling the story, she just didn’t win me over with the main character.

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