the high cost of chronic illness

The cost of chronic illness $$

Chronic illness and disability are very expensive. The cost of healthcare is a huge chunk of the cost, but we also forget about lost income and other incidentals. Many people with chronic illness either can’t work, or they have to reduce the amount of work they do. Society fails the chronically ill in many ways, and making employment accommodations is one of the biggest ones. In fact, there are even fewer people with disabilities employed now then there was before the ADA was passed. In the 1990’s 50% of disabled Americans were employed, the number is now 41%.
Clearly the basic barriers that people with disabilites encounter with employment have still not been removed. So now people with an illness or disability face barriers in employment and they face huge healthcare costs. Why isn’t anyone concerned about this problem? Probably because no one wants to think it can happen to them.
Health insurance  

$400 per month (This is a conservative estimate)

Doctors visit

$100 per month in copays ( if you are lucky enough to visit only two doctors in a month)

$100 per month in lab costs, xrays, etc.


$150 per month- That’s if your insurance has decent prescription coverage, and none of your prescriptions are new drugs.


$50 (B12, magnesium, CoQ10 etc.)

Loss of income

$3,000 per month. This is just an average, it doesn’t take in what my increased earning potential could have been if I was able to have a career.

Being too sick to  cook

$100 per month.


$50 per month. This includes things I use to make chronic illness easier like my heating pad (which i’m always having to replace), Epsom salts, Icy Hot etc.

And I’m sure I missed something, this was just off the top of my head.

Approximate monthly total loss of income due to chronic illness$3950

Redoing my whole lifestyle and breaking the bank to feel a tiny bit better then if I did nothing at all = PRICELESS

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