It's not all bad

Looking over my recent posts they all sound angry and frustrated.  I promise I don’t spend all my time feeling that way, I just tend to blog when I’m angry and frustrated. I use my blog as an outlet for my rage. 
Today I’m at the park enjoying this beautiful weather.  I just had a great girls weekend with my daughter and some friends.  The truth is life does go on when you have chronic illness,  and it really is enjoyable.  Summer is coming soon and while I’m preparing for the heat to bring more pain, I’m also preparing for trips to the ocean and the pool. I’m even preparing for an exciting summer vacation.  Every once in a while I need to be reminded that my life isn’t over and that I really do have soq great things in my life.  I even managed to mop my floor this morning,  so life is looking up!

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4 thoughts on “It's not all bad

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better girl! I do the same thing and get caught up in how hard it is to live like we do, and then I have better days where I know I have a lot of positive things in my life too, like my kids, my few wonderful friends that have stuck by me through all of the illness and other blessings. When I am not well, it is much harder to focus on the positive's in our lives!! Your blog is a safe place to vent, so don't ever worry that it's too much, because it is reality for you and I know I get it!! I finally started a blog on WordPress, CATSHIELDS – Before and After so check me out if you want. I think you are a wonderful, bright, brave young lady and feel your frustrations!! Keep the blogs coming and keep speaking your truth!! Hugs, Cathy (sorry that was so long!!)

  2. It's good to have an outlet for the negatives, and better to share them virtually than AT the people we love and see in person. I applaud your ability to be so completely honest and vulnerable in your blog. Every time I find myself posting negatively I force myself to pull back or find a way to make it positive. In a way it helps me refocus on the positive but at the same time I lose the ability to have a true outlet for the (often negative) realities of life.

    1. I have a bit of a temper and before I got sick I worked it out in physical ways like rock climbing and working out at the gym. Since I can't do that anymore I had to find a new way for dealing with anger/frustration and this blog became it! Sometimes though I pull back and release that I do need to be more positive about things otherwise it looks like things are a lot worse then they are.

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