Lyme Disease is in Texas

 You know how I’ve been saying all along ( like here and here and here for starters) that Lyme disease is WAY more common in Texas then anybody lets on and that Texas A&M (whoop!) has been doing research for years that proves it? Well here you go, the Houston news has finally realized this too. This just in folks, YOU CAN GET LYME DISEASE IN TEXAS AND IT’S NOT RARE.

Why has this taken so long for anyone to admit? How many people have gotten sick while the CDC and doctors have had their heads buried in the sand? How much money has been wasted to treat people who could have been cured in a week with correct treatment. I spent $600 just this month in medical expenses and that’s with insurance. That is not including the $400 a month I already pay for insurance, so really I spent $1000 dollars this month on my health. And I could have been cured with a $4 bottle of doxycycline if doctors had recognized Lyme disease for what it was in the beginning. WHY DOESN’T THIS MAKE ANYONE ELSE ANGRY?

We went camping a few weekends ago and everyone in my family was covered from head to toe and sprayed down in order to prevent ticks. It was hot and my kids wanted to wear shorts like everyone else, but when you have a mom with Lyme you will wear pants in the woods. Meanwhile everyone else at the campsite was running around in shorts not knowing that ticks in Texas can transmit Lyme. Sure the chance of it happening is small, but I’m a shinning example of what being an exception to the rule can do to you. Why aren’t people being warned to be on the lookout for ticks, why are they being endangered while doctors put their hands over the ears refusing to listen? At what point will anyone start caring about this?

I’m a little frustrated, in case you couldn’t tell.

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