Insurance hell

I shared here about the nightmare of dealing with insurance and Lyme disease and that was only a very small part of that whole nightmare. Now that I’m no longer being treated for Lyme you would think my insurance problems would be better. Not so.

Last week I didn’t sleep the entire week, want to know why? Because my insurance decided to in order for me to get my generic basic sleeping pill I had to get special authorization from my doctor. Apparently my prescription is not actually authorization (what the hell?) even though it was just fine the first time I filled the prescription. Apparently the REFILL was offensive to my insurance company.

So my pharmacy requested this special authorization from my doctor because my pharmacy is awesome (I drive 20 minutes one way to go to this pharmacy because they will actually do things like this). My doctor’s office is staffed by morons, so here I am more than a week later without my refill. After not sleeping for a whole week and having my health majorly decline as a result I finally bought two pills with my own money. I’ve used those two pills and still there is no sign of my prescription being approved. I have no idea how I’m going to sleep tonight. Over the counter medicine does jack squat for my sleep.

This is just one small snapshot of the insurance nightmare that goes along with chronic illness and my insurance is actually more cooperative then most. They at least generally pay for the stuff they are supposed to pay. Though don’t get me started on the difficulty of getting a narcotic prescription filled. STOP THE INSURANCE MADNESS.

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2 thoughts on “Insurance hell

  1. I find that when I have to get refills from certain doctors it's better if I call than if I leave it up to the pharmacy. My pharmacy is awesome and 90% of the time they get things done before I need them, but just certain doctors seem to require that I call them. silly.

    1. My doctor's office is impossible to work with. They are outright hostile to patients. If I had another doctor to go to I would because her staff is so bad. It's unfortunate that my doctor's staff determines whether or not I get a prescription on time or not.

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